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Approx Universal 90W Laptop PSU, 18.5-20V, 10 Adapters, Auto Select

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Tips included
Asus, Samsung, Acer, HP (4.8 x 1.7), HP (7.4 x 5.0), Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo

Efficiency and elegance
You can now enjoy the new exclusively designed APPUA90BRV4 by Approx. A practical and efficient adapter that lets you charge all kinds of laptops up to 90W. 
Automatic charger
No longer do you have to worry about selecting the voltage of your laptop, since the APPUA90BRV4 incorporates an automatic voltage selector depending on the chosen pin.
10 pins
With its 10 pins included in the pack, you can charge most laptops on the market, thus having a universal charger.
Electronic design and a high level of security guaranteed
Its electronics and engineering cover security level 3, working with safety margins to ensure that your computer equipment is always protected. CE, ROSH, LVD and EMC.



10 tips

Total output power: 90W

Output voltage: 18.5 - 20V

Overvoltage protection and short circuit

Compatible with most laptops