AVerMedia GS333 Sonicblast Gaming 60W 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Built in Subwoofer

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SonicBlast GS333 is the sole 2.1 system of our gaming soundbar with built-in subwoofers. Built for gaming, the GS333 is tuned to specific sound curve configuration to bring you full-bodied, immersive audio so that you can hear more details on the ¡°battlefield,¡± giving you the edge over your rivals.

Room Filling Sound
Featuring four full-range drivers and two robust subwoofers, the GS333 packs 60 watts of power that can easily bring your ¡°battle station¡± to life with rich, detailed sound. Hosting a gaming party in the living room? No problem. Just hook it up to your console and get your party rocking with epic tunes.

Dual Built in Subwoofers
With the GS333¡¯s dual built-in subwoofers delivering 36 watts of deep, punchy bass right out of the box , you can instantly feel the powerful rumbles and be totally immersed in your games and movies.

3 EQ Modes
There are three different EQ modes to optimize your listening experience: Game, Movie and Music.

Game Mode - Game mode emphasizes sounds like footsteps, weapon clashes, explosions for lifelike gameplay.
Movie Mode - Movie mode adds realism to dialogues and soundtracks.
Music Mode - Music mode enhances instrumentals and vocals-perfect for your party playlist.

Bluetooth Wireless Audio
With the GS333 powered by Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can wirelessly stream and enjoy music from your mobile devices or via services like Spotify or Apple Music.

The More Bass the Merrier
For those who desire a truly chest-pounding bass sound, the SonicBlast GS335 wireless subwoofer is the one for your arsenal. When linked up to your GS331/GS333 soundbar, this 70-watt powerhouse takes your lows even deeper while delivering more impact and depth for all scenarios.

* Sold separately and required to pair with GS331 or GS333 soundbar to work properly


Sound System
2.0 Channel

Body Design


Audio Output Power
60 W (12 W x 2 + 36 W)

Frequency Response
100¨C20,000 Hz

Signal to Noise Ratio
¨R 70 dB

Speaker Drivers
2¡± active speaker x 4
3¡± subwoofer x 2

Optical x 1
Line x 1
AUX (L/R) x 1
USB x 1

BT4.0 (CSR)

BT Profile

LED Indicator

Subwoofer Support

EQ Modes
Game, Movie, Music

Remote Control

670 x 105 x 81.5 mm

Unit Weight

Packaged Dimensions and Weight
777 x 150 x 120 mm