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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty

Grand Theft Auto IV might have delivered a huge great slice of entertainment with its 30-odd hours of gameplay and substantial multiplayer mode, but some gamers were left wanting more..

In The Lost and Damned, players assume the role of Johnny Klebitz, a member of the titular Lost Motorcycle Club as he is thrown in the middle of rival gang warfare, initiated by his trigger-happy club leader. The episode focuses on The Lost's side of Liberty City, intertwining with events in the main GTA IV game.

There are a good six hours or so of single-player mode to be had, along with a raft of multiplayer options (all of which, appropriately, feature bikes).

The final chapter in the GTA IV saga, The Ballad of Gay Tony, looks to not only create a closure point that helps round off all the dark corners of Liberty City, but also reclaim some of the more light-hearted, insane moments from the likes of San Andreas.

Centring on the nightlife of Algonquin, the character you take control of in this episode is Louis Lopez, a chap who had nothing to live for until taken under the wing of the 'Queen of Nightlife', Tony Prince (aka Gay Tony). Louis is so grateful that he has become Tony's go-to guy for any work that needs doing. Such work begins to intensify soon into the story, as you discover that the nightclub owner has run into some trouble, owing debts to gangsters and watching his back for rivals who want to surpass him.

Although Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is technically an expansion of GTA IV, it doesn't require the original game to play, so anyone with a PS3 can have a go.

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