Keysonic ACK-3401U Wired Mini Keyboard, USB, Ultra-Compact with Full Functionality, SoftSkin Coating

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The ACK-3401U is a super mini keyboard in pocket format with dimensions of only 220 x 105 x 16 mm

  • Modern design in noble, matt-black soft skin coating
  • Full functionality of a keyboard in full size layout
  • High-quality X-Type membrane technology
  • Plug & Play, no special driver required
  • Supports Windows


Fits everywhere
The ACK-3401U is so compact that it easily blends into the smallest working environments. With its width of just under 22 cm, it does not necessarily forego on comfort functions like an numpad. Thanks to the 2 m cable, it can be used flexibly and does not have to be installed in the immediate area of the workstation. Since there is a cable and no batteries need to be changed, it can be installed in a stationary position.

Super Mini
With 220x110x10 mm, the keyboard is hardly bigger than a bar of chocolate and fits into the smallest working environments. For example it can be used to gain valuable crafting space on a Raspberry Pi® workbench.
The design is simple, timeless and reduced to a minimum, leaving the stage to other devices. But you can rely on the silent helper, he will never run out of power due to his wired nature.
The X-Type-membrane makes typing much quieter than with conventional keyboards, but despite this, the X-Type-membrane has the following advantage: a pleasantly soft haptic feedback.