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Medieval Moves (Move)

The evil sorcerer Morgrimm has ransacked Prince Edmund’s castle, searching for a mystical artefact that will allow him to transform the world into an army of skeletons. As Morgrimm’s undead army continues its mission to take over the land, Prince Deadmund’s epic quest to save the world begins. 
**Requires PlayStation Move


  • A brand new first person action adventure for PlayStation®Move from the team behind the bestselling Sports Champions.
  • Use one or two motion controllers to attack with your sword, fire arrows, hurl throwing stars, launch your grappling hook and defend with your shield.
  • Switch instantly between your weapons at the flick of a wrist as you battle hordes of undead henchmen and solve cunning puzzles.
  • Discover multiple paths through levels as well as shortcuts, collectibles and secrets.
  • Fight your way through the exciting single player quest, or team up with friends for online and offline co-op adventures and online multiplayer battles.

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