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Transfer VHS and Camcorder Tape to DVD

Worried about losing your favourite family memories from your VHS or camcorder tape collection? You're right to be concerned! These type of tape formats can degrade with time and become permanently damaged. Also, will you have a working video player to play them back? We can secure your valuable video tape collection by digitising and transferring them safely to DVD. We use DVD's that will playback on DVD-R compatible players. They will contain regular chapter points throughout.

Minimum Charge £20.00

First hour of order............£20.00 - Additional hours…........£7.00 per hour

Additional copies: £5.00 per disc used, if ordered with original order

Foreign Conversions: For transfers between USA and UK formats,
add £10.00 to your order.

Note: When more than one item is transferred to a single DVD, a
Charge of £3.00 is made for each join. For projects needed in order
the tapes, not cases, must be numbered.

Save your tape collection now! Just bring them in and we'll get started for you.

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