Laptop Thermal Service Repair


Over time your laptop's fans will draw in dust particles and other small pieces of debris. These can eventually cause the fans to clog up and rotate more slowly. Also, the internal components can become coated with a thin but insulating layer of dust, causing the laptop to run hot and overheat. This excessive hot running can cause the laptop to crash, restart or cut out. Eventually the internal components can fail completely; many suffering processor, GPU or motherboard failure. If your laptop runs hot or shuts down unexpectedly after a few minutes you should consider this service to restore it's stability and prolong it's useful life.

Laptop Thermal Service includes:-

Full disassembly of laptop; disassemble and clean fans; remove hardened thermal paste and apply fresh paste to heatsinks; reassemble and test for 2 hours. Labour charge only £75.00 plus parts (If required).