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Chord Electronics Mojo DAC/Headphone Amplifier- Pre-owned

by Chord
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Chord Electronics Mojo DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Mojo - Your Music. Just Better

Chord Electronics is proud to introduce Mojo, the ultimate DAC/Headphone Amplifier for your smartphone. Simply connect Mojo to your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac, plug in your headphones and you can experience crystal clear audio the way you would hear it in the recording studio. Designed and built in England, Mojo brings studio quality sound to your pocket and is the ultimate, truly portable, DAC/Amp. Mojo is built upon the multi-award winning Hugo platform and will afford the listener with Hugo like performance for a fraction of the cost.


Mojo's design is as special as its performance. Crafted from high-grade aluminium, Mojo has a unique bead-blasted finish, crafted to mimic the smooth feel of a beach pebble. This finish as well as being lovely to hold and easy to pocket makes Mojo pleasingly resilient.

Premium Build

Like Chord Electronics' reference range products, Mojo is made from precision-milled, aircraft-grade aluminium. As well as providing a high-quality, durable finish, the casing naturally dissipates heat from the Mojo’s powerful processing core. All edges are rounded to fit more comfortably in the hand or pocket.


Mojo has two separate data and charge USB ports. This independent design allows users to charge Mojo on the go from a portable power bank, while continuing to enjoy Mojo in action at the same time.

One-touch Operation

Mojo has a simple one-touch operation, with its illuminated ball-shaped buttons clearly illustrating music formats and volume. They're also part of Chord Electronics’ rich hi-fi heritage: from the start, the company has used a polychromatic scale to determine volume, in the order of the colours of the rainbow.

Multiple Inputs

Mojo has three digital inputs - USB, Coaxial, and Optical, allowing you to connect a range of media devices.

Your choice of headphones

With two 3.5mm analogue outputs, you and a friend can listen too! Works with both on-ear and in-ear headphones.