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Imperial Knights: Knight Questoris

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Imperial Knights: Knight Questoris

The Knight Preceptor's design embodies the core tenets of the Code Chivalric in battle, using its powerful weapons to engage enemies at close range with honor and strike them down swiftly in the Emperor's name. This multi-part plastic kit contains all of the components needed to construct a formidable Knight Preceptor, including 37 additional parts that upgrade it from a basic Knight to the powerful Preceptor variant. These components include a frame of carapace, leg, and weapon pieces, as well as an entire Imperial Knight Warden frame with options for customization. This versatile kit can be built as a Knight Preceptor, Canis Rex, or other variants, with interchangeable weapons that can also be used for spare parts. The Knight Preceptor comes with a 170mm Oval base, a 25mm Round base for the pilot, and a transfer sheet with Imperial Knights heraldry and special Canis Rex designs.

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