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Original HP 19V 1.58A 4.0mm x 1.7mm Laptop Charger

by HP
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The product on offer is an OEM product guaranteeing our customers the best product quality available and compliance with all UK Safety Standards. We ensure that this is the correct product specification, however, we have also provided the technical product information including voltage, amperage, wattage tip size.


Voltage = 19V

Ampage = 1.58A

Wattage = 30W

Tip Size = 4.0 / 1.7mm

UK Power cord included


Please note the list of compatible models below is a guide only.

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition PC Series:
NG624EA, NG625EA, NG626EA,NG627EA, NG628EA, NG630EA, NG631EA, NG632EA, NG633EA, NG634EA, NG640EA,NG641EA, NG644EA, NG646EA, NL037PA

HP Mini 1000 PC Series:
1000, 1010NR, 1030NR, 1033CL, 1035NR, FN819AV,FQ729AAR, FQ729AV, FR832AV, FT313UAR, FT313UA, FT315UAR, FT315UA,FW376UAR, FW376UA, FY348LA, FZ978UAR, FZ978UA, NB914AV, NC953AS,NC954AS, NE570PA, NE571PA, NE572PA, NE573PA, NE574PA, NE575PA, NE576PA,NE577PA, NE578PA, NE579PA, NE580PA, NE581PA, NE582PA, NE585PA, NE590PA,NE594PA, NG837LA, NJ209LA, NQ332LA

HP Mini 1100 PC Series:
1110NR, 1111NR, 1120NR, 1125NR, 1130NR, 1136NR, 1141NR NB133UAR, NB133UA, NB135UAR, NB135UA, NB137UAR, NB137UA, NB140UA, NB141UA, NB142UAR, NB142UA, NP994UAR, NP994UA

HP Mini 1100 Vivienne Tam Edition PC Series:
1140NR Vivienne Tam, NB134UAR, NB134UA

HP Mini 1000 Series
1017TU, 1099et, 1000, 1000, 1011TU, 1099el, 1099ed, 1007TU, 1020LA, 1099ew, 1018TU, 1001TU, 1012TU, 1099em, 1008TU, 1099ee, 1030NR,
1019TU, 1002TU, 1013TU, 1099en, 1009TU, 1099ef, 1033CL, 1020TU, 1003TU, 1014TU, 1099ep, 1010LA, 1099eg, 1035NR, 1097ei, 1004TU, 1015TU,
1099er, 1050LA, 1010NR, 1099ei, 1098ei, 1005TU, 1016TU, 1099es, 1090LA, 1

HP Mini 1100 Series
1180CM, 1126TU, 1198eo, 1110TU, 1150LA, 1122TU, 1105TU, 1141NR, 1116TU, 1190BR, 1127TU, 1199eb, 1112TU, 1150NR, 1123TU, 1106TU, 1100,
1118TU, 1100, 1128TU, 1199ec, 1113TU, 1151NR, 1124TU, 1107TU, 1111TU, 1119TU, 1101TU, 1133CA, 1199ee, 1114TU, 1152NR, 1125NR, 1108TU,
1117TU, 1120BR, 1102TU, 1135CA, 1199eh, 1115NR, 1160CM, 1125TU, 1109TU, 1

HP Mini 110 Series
110-1047TU, 110-1132TU, 110-1025DX, 110-1033CL, 110-1057TU, 110-1011TU, 110-1042TU, 110-1079TU, 110-1020NR, 110-1030NR, 110-1051TU, 110-1037CA, 110-1071TU, 110-1016TU, 110-1049TU, 110-1133TU, 110-1025TU, 110-1034NR, 110-1058TU, 110-1012NR, 110-1045DX, 110-1081TU, 110-1021TU, 110-1031NR, 110-1052TU, 110, 110-1037NR, 110-1072TU, 110-1017TU,

Compaq Mini 110c Series
110c-1020EI, 110c-1110EJ, 110c-1010ER, 110c-1030ER, 110c-1011EO, 110c-1050EF, 110c-1010EB, 110c-1020ST, 110c-1120SS, 110c-1010SB, 110c-1040DX, 110c-1020EJ, 110c-1110EQ, 110c-1010ES, 110c-1030EV, 110c-1011SO, 110c-1050EJ, 110c-1010EC, 110c-1025ES, 110c-1130SF, 110c-1010SD, 110c-1040EC, 110c, 110c-1020EO, 110c-1110SA, 110c-1010ET, 110c-1030S

Compaq Mini 700 Series
705ES, 700EN, 701ET, 700ED, 735EF, 735ES, 701EG, 730EB, 700EP, 702EA, 700EE, 735EJ, 701EI, 730EE, 700ER, 702EG, 700EF, 735EO, 701EM, 730EJ, 700ES, 703EA, 700EI, 735EQ, 701EN, 730EO, 700ET, 705EI, 700EK, 701ER, 700, 730EQ, 700EW, 705EL, 700EL, 701ES, 700EA, 731EH, 701ED

Compaq Mini CQ10-500SA

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